Placement test

Test your language skills
for an ideal training plan

Our free online placement test.

3 steps to your language training

1. select target language

2. enter contact details so that we can inform you of the result.

3. complete adaptive test (listening comprehension, vocabulary, reading, grammar), duration approx. 20 minutes

Frequently asked questions

Why don’t I get my result immediately?
Your evaluation is created by hand: Your language learning consultant combines the online result with your learning goals, time requirements and individual wishes. This is not a standard programme, but always tailor-made and well-considered.

Can I use a dictionary for the test?
Of course not 🙂
If you have the feeling that you can only guess the right answer, stop the test so that the result is not falsified by possible random hits.

Is the test free of charge?
Yes, it is free of charge and without obligation.


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