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Embark on Your Journey to Language Mastery at inlingua Language School, Magdeburg

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Welcome to inlingua Magdeburg, your top address for professional language training. Our mission is to build bridges between people, cultures and companies.

As an experienced partner for companies seeking to employ or hire foreign professionals or to expand internationally, we offer customized solutions tailored to your language goals.

Individual solutions for your company

Our many years of experience and satisfied corporate clients speak for our quality and expertise. We understand the challenges that come with introducing new employees from different cultures and, therefore, offer special training solutions to make these transitions as smooth as possible.

Simultaneously, we support companies that want to compete and expand in the international market with specific language solutions. We focus not only on language learning but also on intercultural training, which is essential for successful international cooperation.

Our services for you

inlingua Magdeburg offers a diverse array of German and English courses meticulously designed to cater to the specific requirements of bothcompanies and individuals.

Tailor-made German language courses for companies

Successful integration and productivity go hand in hand, and at inlingua Magdeburg, we understand that connection. That’s why we offer German courses directly within your company. Through this initiative, we ensure  your employees quickly understand their role in the work environment and can function effectively.

In addition, this offering strengthens your employees’ retention and motivation by providing an atmosphere of engagement and concern for their professional development.

Our seminars are designed to integrate your company’s professional requirements and terminology. This not only improves your employees’ general language skills but also strengthens their professional competence.

Thanks to our small group sizes and the communicative inlingua method, our courses promote maximum German usage within a relaxed atmosphere.

Individualized German learning with private coaching

With our private coaching services, we take into account the unique needs and lifestyles of our clients.

If you have irregular work hours, are often on the road, want to make your learning more efficient, or are interested in specific topics, our one-on-one coaching is for you.

Your personal trainer will listen to your personal needs and goals, and create a flexible course that is tailored to you, both in terms of content and time.

Corporate English Courses: Local, digital or both.

Whether your goal is to improve your employees’ general English skills or to deepen professional knowledge, we have the right language courses for you.

With our proven inlingua method and an individual training plan exclusively tailored to your company, each workplace, and even the specific conversational situations, we ensure that your employees reach their full potential.

Specialized English courses for microtechnology

We offer specialized English courses for people who work or want to work in the microtechnology industry. The goal is to improve your English skills so that you can communicate effectively with your team, customers, and other professionals in the industry.

In our language courses, you will acquire technical vocabulary related to microtechnology and improve your ability to communicate in English in various professional situations.

You will also learn to write technical reports, emails and presentations, and prepare for discussions and negotiations.

Flexible individual or DUO training: maximum adaptability to your needs

Our one-on-one or DUO training is perfect for those who work irregular hours, travel often, learn more efficiently, or are interested in specific topics. Your trainer will focus entirely on your personal learning needs, allowing you flexibility in both scheduling and content of your course.

Whether you want to refresh knowledge, prepare for an exam for your studies, prepare for a job change, or improve your pronunciation – with us, everything is possible.

We promote language skills effectively

Our qualified language trainers and individual language coaching programs accompany people on their way to achieving their language goals.

At inlingua Magdeburg, you will not only learn the language, but also the subtle nuances and cultural differences that will help you communicate fluently and effectively in your chosen language.

Our focus is on promoting a comprehensive understanding and effective use of the target language, whether in everyday situations or professional challenges.

Success stories that inspire

Be inspired by the success stories of our satisfied customers. Many of our corporate clients have been able to improve their international communication, facilitate the integration process for foreign professionals and expand their business opportunities on an international level through our customized training programs.

Free consultation on choosing the right course

Unsure which course is right for you? No problem! Contact us to arrange a free personal consultation.

Our experienced consulting team will guide you through our course offerings and help you find the right course that fits your goals, needs and schedule. We look forward to your call or email and are ready to guide you on your path to language proficiency.

inlingua Magdeburg is more than just a language school – it’s a place where languages come to life. Join our community of language enthusiasts and begin your journey to global communication today. We look forward to helping you along the way!